How does the referral program work?

Leon Smith

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Whenever you refer a friend to Tiblio, they receive 20% off their first month and you receive $5 in cash!

Earn $5 whenever someone signs up using your invite link and stays for 30 days. At the end of the 30 day period, Tiblio will transfer $5 into your bank account.

Step 1: Connect Your Bank Account

Tiblio uses Stripe, Inc. to process payments. Connecting your stripe account with Tiblio is super easy. Just visit your account settings click the “Connect Now” button. A stripe window will appear and walk you through the process. And don’t worry if you don’t have all the info right now, you can always come back and finish the connection at any time. And, hey, while you’re connecting, your referrals will still count, but we won’t be able to pay you.

Step 2: Share your invite link with your friends and family

Your invite link is located at the top of your account settings. You know you have the right link when you see the ?aff= code in the URL. Make sure that you copy the whole URL, don’t leave off any characters and don’t add any spaces.

Step 3: Enjoy Unlimited Upside

Bring all of your friends aboard! There is no limit to your potential. You’ll receive $5 for every friend that signs up and stays for 30 days (doesn’t request a refund).

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